FLYING WHALES’ goal is to develop and industrialize a unique 60 tons Large Capacity Airship, dedicated to freight transport. This solution will embark disruptive technologies addressing world challenges: low environmental impact and low operating cost.

This innovative solution is developed in cooperation with a consortium of French and foreign partners in the aerospace industry. Above all, this project currently gathers more than 100 passionate who represent the aviation great pioneers of our time.

FLYING WHALES bases its growth on key human values such as inclusive teamwork and boldness, with the ambition to contribute significantly to the emergence of a new world. We invite you to be part of this great disruptive industrial adventure that will lead to the emergence of a new generation of transportation solution.


The main activities of the Stress Engineer consist in the determination of assembly internal loads, the execution of calculations (analytical and numerical) and the redaction of the documentation necessary for the stress justification (static, fatigue, buckling…) of the LCA60T Airship components.


  • Analyse complex mechanical problems, apply principles and practices of structural analysis, and propose innovative approaches for the concerned problem solution.
  • Assist on the design of key LCA60T components and systems
  • Define, perform and interpret representative finite element analyses for individual and assembled parts
  • Develop in-house tools based on VBA and/ or Python
  • Interact with other team elements to define innovative and efficient design solutions
  • Perform and interpret analytical stress calculations based on state-of-the-art methodologies
  • Redact technical reports which will be ultimately used during the certification process of the LCA60T


Skills required:

  • Engineering or doctoral Degree in aeronautical or mechanical field
  • An internship or any previous experience in the aeronautical field will be a positive differential for the application
  • Good academic knowledge of:
    • Deformable solids mechanics
    • Finite Elements Analysis
    • Materials science (fatigue, materials properties, etc.)
  • Software knowledge: ABAQUS, CATIA and Excel
  • Programming languages: VBA and Python
  • Languages: English and French
  • Other skills: MS Office

Personal skills

  • You enjoy small working team, you are enthusiastic and open,
  • You face challenges with passion, and you love to over-deliver,
  • You easely connect theory and practice
  • You have a strong ambition for your skills development or your career, and you want to participate as a pioneer in an aerospace project.

The development of the LCA60T Airship is a unique, challenging and enriching opportunity which will allow you to participate in the development of an innovative transport solution. It will also allow you acquire significant experience on the certification process of an aircraft and the global structural analysis process.