Our goal is to develop and industrialize a unique 60 tons Large Capacity Airship, dedicated to freight transport. This solution will embark disruptive technologies addressing world challenges: low environmental impact and low operating cost. Above all, this project currently gathers more than 100 passionate who represent the aviation great pioneers of our time.


Young as well as experienced leaders compose FLYING WHALES. Various professional backgrounds (aeronautics, defence, maritime) and more than 10 nationalities enhance the company.
Technical and operational skills are valued :

  • design engineering, system engineering, 
  • program management, 
  • safety and quality, 
  • manufacturing, 
  • business development, 
  • air control, MRO 
  • etc.

Careers within FLYING WHALES

Thank you for your interest !

We believe we are creating the future of Aeronautics. New jobs and skills are to be shaped. Career paths are not written yet.

Come and discover what kind of opportunities FLYING WHALES will bring you.